Ferguson & Hastings: Balkan & Beyond

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Here sound samples of Ferguson's earlier but similar projects: http://www.debone.com/impromptuWooglieSampler.mp3.

Balkan & Beyond invents exciting new instrumental world dance music during the performance for requested dance rhythms from around the world. Each tune is catered to the listener and dancer as per the dance rhythm requested, from the eastern European complex meters to Middle Eastern to eastern Indian to flamenco to Latin. Traditional melodies and music theory are employed to create a unique tune every time, so that the music is never the same, yet still accommodating the traditional dance. Virtuoso performers keep the music interesting with lightning fast passages for the more lively dances such as Rachenitsa and dulcet nuanced interludes for the more mellow dances such as lesno.


Kevin Fputerguson, Guitar: Balkan & Beyond is the brainchild of guitarist extraordinaire Kevin Ferguson who has gigged for over 3 decades both US coasts and in Europe (including as one of a few finalists in the international guitarists competition in Lausanne, Switzerland). Locally, he has played from big events like Sand In The City to live radio broadcasts/webcast (KBOO, KPSU, KKEY), to the Portland Art Museum (Museum After Hours), to many local clubs and some small cafes with musicians such as Noah Peterson, Rick Crittenden, members of JuJuba, Kafana Klub, Krebsic Orkestar and Brothers of The Baladi. Also, he is often invited to play in "elite" jams such as with Leche Cercel at The Fez Ballroom, 5/17/2007. He has 3 CD's, each with rave reviews such as "amazing" and www.guitar9.com best sellers (http://www.guitar9.com/cgi-local/artistnews.pl?artist=Kevin+Ferguson) of genres covering western classical on electric guitar, the music of the regions of the former Ottoman Empire, and many other world and original instrumental music. For more details of gig highlights, see http://www.debone.com/gigs.html.

Chaz Hastings, Percussion: Chaz plays tablas, dumbek and cajon, covering an extremely wide range of rhythms from around the world. Chaz Hastings journeys to India to further refine his tabla virtuosity. He has performed with native Middle Eastern, Eastern European and other performers.

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