KF Blog: How Google Ruined The Internet

KF Blog: How Google Ruined The Internet

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Before Google's PR system, I remember Google was pretty cool. Typically I would search for something I considered fairly obscure because otherwise I could probably get the information any place else. And the more obscure, the less likely the pages found were very popular. An similar to how information may be measured as a function of the inverse of probability, the value of the information I found was typically inversely proportional to how well known it was, how popular it was, how many hits it got in one day, etc. Now I certainly understand that sometimes one may want to know which site is most "popular" or "important" or whatever other adjective Google uses to sort pages, but originally it was relevence to the search keywords. Since relevence has been diluted by consideration of what others decided to put links to, for example, Google's value to me has deteriorated. And since Google dominates as a search engine for the web, I've seen other search engines I used to use either follow Google's lead, go belly up, use Google's technology, or not keep up with the massive growth of digital data to index.

Well, I should stop belly aching and start searching for better search tools, or maybe I can even find out how to use an advanced search to take out the PR weighting. But in the meantime, I assume that I am not so unique in the world that a great number of people are having a very similar experience, and that, at least until I get time to find a better way, Google has kind of ruined the internet.

Update 8/31/2013: duckduckgo.com

Since my complaint above, duckduckgo.com has been created. I'm a duckduckgo.com fan. I recently started using it and find that it provides results unbiased by popularity, predictions of my preferences or other annoying leanings. It's especially good for scholarly searches. I've tried a few and instead of having the first few dozen results filled with mainly pay to see white paper teasers mixed with opinion and nonsense sites, it so far has given the most directly relevent, most concise and to the point full research papers. Most of the top papers for particular topics I had not been able to find even after hours of searching on google! Yep, I'm a duckduckgo.com fan. I hope it continues catching on with everyone else.

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