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Subject: WAR ON DRUGS IS A SHAM    (formerly PDX POT COPS) (fwd)
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                     *** DRUG WAR, or DRUG PEACE? ***

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Date: Sat, 13 Apr 1996 01:39:17 GMT
From: Raymond Karczewski 
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Subject: WAR ON DRUGS IS A SHAM    (formerly PDX POT COPS)


The following article was  was formerly written under the title of PDX
POT COPS to this group along with a number of other political
newsgroups on 4-2-96.  Even though other responses to the same thread
remain prior to my posting, this response  has been removed from all
of the groups posted but one.  I am reposting it since to test whether
the net truly is an instrument of open communication, or it too, just
a sham.
                                                             Ray K.

Dear Floyd and David,

  As a retired California Police Sergeant, my view is that the "War on
Drugs" is a sham.  It is a joke, but no one is laughing.  The "War on
Drugs" is  a government phantom "busy work" created program
orchestrated through the cooperation of a cooperative media which, in
effect, allows government to  strip away further the civil liberties
of the "people."

   It has created a "great self-serving industry" for itself and is
not about to let it go.  It is one of the primary bread-and-butter
programs leading to confiscatory practices by the government, without
its agents having to follow due process. The war on drugs, with its
intimation of money laundering, is how our currency has been debased
without suspicion by a conditioned populace.   It, the "war on drugs,"
also serves as the harbinger of a declining, corrupt society.  It
remains to be seen just how long a sleeping citizenry will stand for
it before the people take personal responsibility for their collective

  If we awaken sooner to it, a nonviolent solution to the problem of
an inert populace is a distinct possibility.  If the awakening should
come later, though, violent bloodshed will be all that is left for us.
We are being pushed into violence through steady, incremental
pressure, applied through subtle conditioning, to react violently so
that further liberties we take for granted may be stripped away.

  Our money standard has been destroyed.  We are  increasingly and
relentlessly being directed toward a mindset of  nonresistance to the
acceptance of an imposed  computerized, cashless society of a New
World Order.  It is already underway here in Oregon with the
implementation of restrictive access through "credit cards only" for
food stamp and other welfare program recipients.

  The slow, subtle stripping away of sovereignty goes unnoticed by the
average dulled, conditioned mind.  Once the program is initiated,
there can be no going back.  All that is left for these incredulous
taxpaying voters is to obey their so-called civil servants, who have
suddenly emerged as their "masters" then "captors" when they are
directed to the proper boxcar for their final destination.  Have we
not learned anything from history?

   The government is us; you and me, along with our neighbors.
Government is not the faceless money people who pull the strings of
our representatives in Washington and elsewhere.  For a rather indepth
look at how all this has become possible in our present day society,
consult my home page regarding :"Christs with Amnesia."

   "The freedom of one man living peacefully
and cooperatively with others is the key to
the freedom of the entire society. Such a
change must begin with the individual and flow
out like a ripple from a pebble dropped into a

Excerpt from "Journey Beyond Thought" by

Raymond Karczewski  http://www.virtualplex.com/vplex/ark/