Left to Right: Chris Goldthorpe, "Bones," Kevin Ferguson, Kevin Cosgrove


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The Kevin Ferguson Band (KFB) plays an inimitable mix of world music, fiery classical, guitar hero tunes and originals that thrill audiences and result in rave reviews (see below). Within a few tunes audiences are treated to an assortment of guitar hero rock tunes, the classical violin music of virtuosi such as Paganini, Wieniawski, Vivaldi or Bach to Rom (Gypsie) and world dance music of The Balkans, Middle East (including Iraq and Iran), Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and even the Native American "Ghost Dance Songs" of the United States. While audiences often describe them as "amazing," KFB's performances of the odd-metered complex rhythms, lightning fast ornate melodies in unusual scales and musical structures come so naturally as to make them seem easy.


Kevin Ferguson


Kevin Ferguson plays the brisk, beautiful, energetic, exotic, screaming and otherwise stimulating melodies of these tunes on acoustic and electric guitars, often mimicking the native instruments in tone, ornamentation, etc. Kevin has decades of experience in arranging and performing music from other instruments, cultures and times (See his bio below).

Kevin Cosgrove


Kevin Cosgrove plays percussion, from dumbek to bongos to full trap set, covering all of the native rhythms often by playing what is normally played by several people.

Chris Goldthorpe

Email: Chris.Goldthorpe@GTE.NET

British born Chris Goldthorpe has been playing bass for a couple of decades. With his 5 string electric bass, he reaches notes well below the standard electric bass guitar, giving a rich bottom to music in the original keys. His fretless electric bass playing emulates the acoustic bass playing sometimes heard in Serbia, for example.


Kevin's prior musical project, Strad to Strat, earned the following praise:
"It's bloody amazing what I hear..."
	-- Richard Karsmarkers, ST NEWS & Bacil Magazine, Netherlands

"F(Censored)ING BRILLIANT!!!!!!! It's magic stuff.  I love it..."
	-- Douglas Johnston, "The Flying Scotsman," URY Radio, York, U.K.

"The CD is amazing!"
	-- The Campbell Brothers, Internet's HARDRADIO

"...the playing is impressive.  Very impressive."
	-- Mike Taylor, Gibralter Magazine

"Roll Over, Niccolo.  Actually, maestro Paganini probably would have
        -- Oregonian, A&E, Best Bets For The Week, Dec. 15-21, 1995

"It's an intriguing sound..."  
	-- David MacLaine, Willamette Week.

"...fantastic (translated)..."
	-- Esquire Magazine, The Netherlands

"Again great album! ...guitar skills are excellent and I would even call
  it 'elegant'." 
        -- Janell Duxbury, author, "Rockin' the Classics and Classicizin' The
  		Rock," Greenwood Press

"...he has succeeded impressively."
        -- Peter T. Thelen, Expose' 

"...some of the most brilliant works in classical music with searing, 
  blistering electric guitar."
	  -- Cai Campbell, Cosmik Debris E-Zine  

"Quite amazing and unique work."
	-- Ford Prefect, The Beginning 87.9FM, Radio Free Seattle

"...great, very interesting I must say, very talented as well."
	-- Aaron Nakama, Station Manager CKUL 99.7 FM, Canada

"Many people says that CD is fine."
	-- Zbigniew Zych, Radio Akademickie Krakow, Poland 


In the 1980's, Kevin Ferguson studied Music Theory and Composition with Carmen Rodrigez-Peralta of New York's Julliard School of Music. While in NY, he wrote and performed traditional and original jazz, fusion, classical, rock, bluegrass and other tunes with several bands in the area.

In 1998, Kevin decided to learn at least one tune from every culturally distinct area of the world. He quickly amassed several hundred tunes. Learning about other cultures has been quite rewarding for him. In studying Northern Indian Classical, he has taken lessons from Portland's Indian transplant Nisha Goshi, a student of a student of Ravi Shankar, for example. Many of the area's ethnic communities have been quite open to sharing their music. He has visited parts of South America and Europe in this quest. Kevin's recent travels have included Macedonia where he picked up some new music from places such as Lake Ochrid, the origin of the Cyrillic Alphabet (used by many peoples of Slavic and former Soviet Union nations).

Since coming to Portland, Oregon, Kevin has played gigs in many settings with many other fine musicians including Northern Indian Percussionists Rick Masterson and Tzara, jazz bassist Rick Crittendon, jazz saxist Noah Peterson, Middle Eastern percussionist Michael Beach (Brothers of The Baladi), Balkan music band Kafana Klub and "Who Knew?" among others. Performances have been at such places as Pioneer Courthouse Square (Sand In The City), Ankeny Stage (Waterfront Park), The Old Church, The Portland Art Museum, Atwater's penthouse, many music clubs and other venues. He has also performed in Europe, including recent performances for Switzerland's "Guitar Nights" at venues along Lake Geneva.

Kevin's performances have been heard in 5 continents due to airplay and purchases of his CD's: "Exotic Extremes" which includes world music described above and "Strad to Strat" which includes virtuosic classical violin showpieces transcribed for electric guitar. Available from many outlets including, each CD has enjoyed's number one best selling status in its respective category over the last 5 consecutive years.