Teshkoto plays modern versions of traditional dance music from The Balkans, Middle East and other exotic places. The name comes from Macedonia's most famous dance ("The Hard" One). Yet Teshkoto's performances of the odd-metered complex rhythms of this music make them seem easy. Updated: 9/7/2000

NEW CD to be released: Click here for more information and sound samples. - "I loved it. I was amazed at (Ferguson's) technique" - Tim Rice, Ethnomusicology Dept. Chair UCLA & author of "May It Fill Your Soul."

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Members include Kevin Ferguson on electric and acoustic guitars, Michael Beach (of Brothers of the Baladi) on percussion and Chris Goldthorpe on electric 5 string and fretless bass guitars.

Kevin Ferguson

Email: teshkoto@debone.com

URL: http://www.debone.com/exoticextremes.html

Kevin's performances have been heard in 5 continents due to airplay and purchases of his CD, "Strad to Strat" which includes virtuosic classical violin showpieces transcribed for electric guitar. After performing this music locally in Portland, Oregon for nearly 2 years (during which the CD stayed on Locals Only's top 24 selling list), Kevin has begun performing music for his upcoming CD: music from 5 continents transcribed for steel string acoustic and electric guitars.

"I made a goal of learning at least one tune I liked from every country in the world," he explains, "and though I may never reach this goal, it has brought me to some great music so far." He currently performs music from Asia (including Nothern Indian Classical Rags, Afghanistani, Pakistani, Chinese, Japanese and others), Africa, The Middle East, Europe (including Balkan and Baltic regions) and the Americas (including a Native American spirit dance song performed prior to the Wounded Knee slaughter). With Teshkoto he has been playing mostly music from Macedonia, Bulgaria and other Slavic countries, The Middle East and Asia.

Learning about other cultures has been quite rewarding for him as well. In studying Northern Indian Classical, he has taken lessons from Portland's Indian transplant Nisha Goshi, a student of a student of Ravi Shankar, for example. Many of the area's ethnic communities have been quite open to sharing their music.

Timothy Rice, UCLA Ethnomusicology Department Chair and author of "May It Fill Your Soul : Experiencing Bulgarian Music" (Chicago Studies in Ethnomusicology, 1994), had this to say about the pre-released tracks of the upcoming CD:

"I loved it. I was amazed at (his) technique ...(he) managed to
approach the sound of a gaida. I don't know what I would criticize."

Kevin's last musical project, Strad to Strat, earned the following praise:

"It's bloody amazing what I hear..."
	-- Richard Karsmarkers, ST NEWS & Bacil Magazine, Netherlands

"F(Censored)ING BRILLIANT!!!!!!! It's magic stuff.  I love it..."
	-- Douglas Johnston, "The Flying Scotsman," URY Radio, York, U.K.

"The CD is amazing!"
	-- The Campbell Brothers, Internet's HARDRADIO

"...the playing is impressive.  Very impressive."
	-- Mike Taylor, Gibralter Magazine

"Roll Over, Niccolo.  Actually, maestro Paganini probably would have
        -- Oregonian, A&E, Best Bets For The Week, Dec. 15-21, 1995

"It's an intriguing sound..."  
	-- David MacLaine, Willamette Week.

"...fantastic (translated)..."
	-- Esquire Magazine, The Netherlands

"Again great album! ...guitar skills are excellent and I would even call
  it 'elegant'." 
        -- Janell Duxbury, author, "Rockin' the Classics and Classicizin' The
  		Rock," Greenwood Press

"...he has succeeded impressively."
        -- Peter T. Thelen, Expose' 

"...some of the most brilliant works in classical music with searing, 
  blistering electric guitar."
	  -- Cai Campbell, Cosmik Debris E-Zine  

"Quite amazing and unique work."
	-- Ford Prefect, The Beginning 87.9FM, Radio Free Seattle

"...great, very interesting I must say, very talented as well."
	-- Aaron Nakama, Station Manager CKUL 99.7 FM, Canada

"Many people says that CD is fine."
	-- Zbigniew Zych, Radio Akademickie Krakow, Poland 

Chris Goldthorpe

Email: cg@rational.com

British born Chris Goldthorpe has been playing bass for a couple of decades. With his 5 string electric bass, he reaches notes well below the standard electric bass guitar, giving a rich bottom to music in the original keys. His fretless electric bass playing emulates the acoustic bass playing sometimes heard in Serbia, for example.

Prior to joining Teshkoto, Chris' latest effort had been with The Butchers. He and Kevin had occassionally crossed paths on stage in local jams, etc.

Michael Beach

Email: mbeachbaladi@earthling.net

Micheal has been playing music from the Middle East for a couple of decades and has joined Teshkoto on the dumbek and the tapan (Balkan). With The Brothers of The Baladi, Micheal has released several CD's and toured the US and abroad.